As RAYSİMAŞ, we visited MACEDONIA TRANSPORT COMPANY and laid the foundation of good cooperation for both our country and our company in the future. First of all, TCDD; then, we returned from the visit where we provided detailed information about the possibilities of RAYSİMAŞ and its subsidiaries with a cooperation protocol covering a wide area! The cooperation protocol presented to the signature includes railway vehicles to railway measuring equipment; from energy to software; from project design to feasibility and engineering analysis; It includes many areas from finance to mapping. This is an upper level protocol which preparations containing the text of the bilateral agreement between Turkey and Macedonia are evaluated under the chairmanship of the two countries within this agreement. In 2019 we aim to be signed! As soon as the cooperation protocol is concluded, the first things to be done under the coordination of RAYSİMAŞ are as follows: - Feasibility study for locomotives and wagons - Makedon Maintenance-automation software for railways - Sale of our Ray meter