Certification and Energy



Fossil fuel consumption effects on climate change for conventional transportation, triggers innovative and alternative solutions for public transportation and carrying industry. As a result of this, in the near future railway will be a necessary alternative which plays an important role in climate protection especially with electricity high speed train sets. Railway transportation provides reliable, safer and relatively faster mobility which is the demand and a result of modern life, with the new developed technologies. Railway decreases the travel time for public transportation and make land carrying possible for remote locations, there are crucial safety requirements must apply straightly according to international and national regulations.

RAYSİMAŞ certification process management takes role for national and international standard applications. RAYSİMAS willing to bridge Asia and Europe with its strategic location in terms of Railway Industry with its knowledge of European railway quality standards and national quality standards. Our company is also taking part for different urban railway projects as an observer for certification process management. RAYSİMAŞ offers multiple consultancy packages for customers in railway industry. RAYSİMAŞ services to its local and global customers with controlling the related standards instructions and regulations during certification process for railway industry.

RAYSİMAŞ participates Safety Management System (SMS) developments, Safety Assessment Reports (CSM Directive 402/2013/EU), ECM and RAMS (EN 50126) Management processes with its strategic partners (NoBo, DeBo and AsBo). RAYSİMAŞ bases references that; Turkish Standards (TS), International Railway Standards (IRS), European Norms (EN), CE, Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI), ISO 9001, ISO/TS 22163 Quality Management Systems for Railway Industry while carrying out the certification process. RAYSİMAŞ organizes required test procedures for certification process according to the related standards.

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