The Integrated Management Certification

EThe Integrated Management Certification shows that, we fulfill all of our responsibilities as Raysimaş and that strengthens potential customers, suppliers, investors and shareholders ‘ s confidence to Raysimaş.

This is much more than establishing good relationships with the stakeholders. At the application and certification stages we make a significant difference in our business with minimum cost.

Some benefits of the Management Systems provided to Raysimas:

  • Working with minimum cost, prevent duplication of ;internal audits, document audits, training and management are to adopt our future management systems from today that are increasing our productivity.
  • Time saving allows for the use of a single management review,
  • A holistic approach of business risks managing provides to consider all the consequences of any action,how these results affect on ; each other and the associated risks
  • Less repetition and bureaucracy provide to the coordination of the requirements of such standards by adopting a single set of operations,mitigates workloads and avoids disparate systems, allowing for more analytic management of processes
  • Improved internal and external communication, develops a team approach culture with identifying a single target clusterand and communication
  • Improved business focus contributes improvement of Raysimas like as a single system based on the strategic objectives of the business
  • Motivation of employees contributes thats ,making their duties and responsibilities part of their goals and strengthening the link between them to make changes and new initiatives easier to implement and managing a more dynamic and more successful company.
  • Optimized internal and external audits , reduce the required number of audits and increase the number of participants as much as possible and make improvement activities more effective,

Raysimaş acts in the awareness that all achievements achieved by establishing the Integrated Management System will satisfy to stakeholders at the same time. That's why Raysimaş; he has always preferred not to go further and to choose quality as a management model without ceasing, without getting tired and giving up.