Our Quality Policy

In the railway sector; Infrastructure / Superstructure Project Works, R & D / Urgent Projects, Consultancy Services and TSI / UTP Certification Surveillance Matters;

We constantly consult all of our projects with our strategic partners and the employees provides to perfect customer satisfaction ,who have a dynamic and analytical thinking ability with timely and completing,

Along with innovative approaches, we are always committed to the National and International Standards, Terms and Conventions,

Without a compete with all public and private sector organizations we act together in the railway sector,supporting and improving the national and local productions which are our common benefit, ensuring continuity,

In the railway sector which is constantly being renewed and developing, we regard as every source that is spent for development of our personnel , as the biggest investment on behalf of our country,

Addition to using the ready source of information, will be a pioneer new approaches in the sector and ensure that new approaches are accepted by all railway authorities,

Improve and makes them forward of our Integrated Management System , our operations and services.