Our Strategic Objectives

Our short-term strategic quality objectives

Establishment and Certification of Integrated Management Systems

Raysimaş; Raysimaş on the stage of finalization to Integrated Management System Standard in order to establish the substructure of permanent and sustainable management principles and reached on behalf of corporate identity studies and initiated structuring studies. In order to conclude our work we have done in this context, the process of applying to Authorized Documentation Organizations started from Türkak

Our long-term strategic quality objectives

Completion of Accreditation Processes

Raysimaş directs them to work with all their strength in order to create the necessary infrastructure. In this case,aims to start preparations for required accreditation document sub-structure of TS EN ISO / IEC 17065 and TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 Standards.

All of these accreditation scopes planned to created like a compatible with the railway sector. Raysimaş, aims to produce independent and objective reliable reports ,having a third-party inspections on railways with establish of independent organizations