We are happy to take part of Eurasia Rail, one of the 3 shows of its kind in the world. In Eurasia Rail, which is one of the world's three largest exhibition in the field of railway system, our company's booth area was very colourful as it included the mobile rail measuring device (T RAY) placed onto a three-meter rail, two concept design track control and measuring devices, and a virtual reality (VR) glasses providing the opportunity to take a look at these devices closely. Rail measuring device T-RAY attracted a great deal of attention as it has a national and local design and it is the first rail measuring device that can perform automatic and robotic measurement as well as remote measurement with a remote controller. Rail Measuring Device T-RAY, which provides reliable results with its remote controller, aims at precise measurement and a reduction in operation time and it also offers rapid, correct and practical solutions with its remote control function was greatly appreciated as being the first and only of its kind in its field. In addition, the track control and measuring devices, which was designed by our Product Development Department so that authorities and professionals can easily see and measure the railway route, was exhibited to visitors with two different models. I think that we have proved our competency in design with these models. Another highlight of the booth was the virtual reality (VR) glasses that allowed visitors to enter the track control and measuring devices even change the exterior color of the vehicle. Visitors walking inside the track control and measuring devices with virtual reality glasses experienced how an imaginary design could come true.